About School

Mission and Vision

As an educational institution, Mount Olivet strives to be a place where students build character, learn to live a better lifestyle and gain a perspective of life. Our major goal is to empower our students with all we have so that lead and succeed in future.

  • To provide equal opportunities, resources and a healthy learning environment to all the students from all strata of society.
  • To prepare our students for a competitive society (globally) by motivating the staff and continuously adapting to the state of the art teaching skills and techniques.
  • To impart moral education and instil among students an awareness for becoming responsible citizens while maintaining harmony with the environment.
  • To promote a healthy student- teacher relationship where students are given enough liberty and space to share their ideas, challenges and problems with their teachers.
  • To introduce students to different skills and train them with the help of learned teachers or guides.
  • To emphasize on mental, physical and psychological health of a child.


Mount Olivet Senior Secondary School is proudly run under a registered Religious Minority Society called Olivet Educational Society. This society was established by a true visionary, Mr Birendra Yadav on 21st June 1995 and the same is approved by the Registrar of the NCT of Delhi.

Meet our founder

Mr. Birendra Yadav, the principal of Mount Olivet School and the President of Olivet Educational Society was born in Bihar to a Hindu family on 01/02/1966.

In August 1986, he left his hometown and came to Delhi to earn a living. His first job was of a ground man in C.S.K.M School, Satbari Mehrouli. In the following years, he worked as a mess boy in Rotary Public School, Gurugram, Haryana and also, became a Horse riding coach in Apex Public School, Sant Nagar, Delhi.

He led a life full of difficulties with great courage combined with a go-getter attitude.

In 1991, he got a job of a Hindi Teacher in Holy Christ Public School, Kamalpur, Delhi. Soon after, he joined Holy Public School, Bengali Colony in partnership in 1992.

Finally, on 11/10/1993 Mount Oliver Senior Secondary School was established by Mr. Yadav with only one boy named Master Ranjan Kr. Singh.

Mr. Birendra Yadav is a religious man and is believed to be a man of his words. His personal journey is an inspiration to us all and his professional achievements have set an example for young minds that hard work never goes in vain.

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