Mount Olivet provides endless avenues for holistic growth of children by ensuring a healthy environment where learning and joy goes hand in hand. Understanding the true importance of extra curricular activities, a wide range of events are conducted by the school authority from time to time to cater to the social, moral, cultural, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic development of a child.

Some of the main events that are organized and celebrated in the school with great enthusiasm include;

  • 1. Christmas Celebration- Every year, our students and teachers come together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas in all its glory.
  • 2. Annual Day Celebration- School annual day remains the highlighting event of the year. Students actively participate in it and prepare various cultural performances under the expertise and guidance of teachers a month before the event. These well rehearsed acts are then successfully showcased in the presence of the entire school, parents and chief guests on the day of the function.
  • 3. Independence Day Celebration- To evoke a sense of patriotism and instil the significance of this day in students, each year Independence Day is celebrated in its traditional way i.e. by hoisting the flag and singing the national song in a unified voice. This is followed by some cultural programmes including group dance on patriotic songs, Independence day speech by the Principal and enactments of freedom fighters by our students.
  • 4. Children’s Day- On 14th November, children of 11th and 12th standards are given an opportunity to take the responsibility and run the school for a day. This gives them a close idea of the structure of their school, plants the seed of value & gratitude towards their teachers and also, makes them realize the challenges that are faced by the staff and administration to successfully run an educational institution.
  • 5. Sports Day- It is an undeniable fact that sports develop the spirit of healthy competition in kids while keeping them active & fit. Hence, we plan a whole day dedicated to sports and games where teachers & students participate as individuals/in teams. The best performers/winners are rewarded with trophies and gifts at the end of the event.
  • 6. Super Awards- It is an yearly ritual to recognise the students and teachers for their achievements, contribution, initiatives and consistency.

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